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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for your diabetes prevention program?

Participants must be 18 and over, have BMI of 25 or higher (23 if Asian), not currently be diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and not be pregnant. 

What happens if I miss a diabetes prevention program session?

You should advise your lifestyle coach immediately if you will not be able to attend a session.  Your coach will give you options to make-up a session including via telephone or skype.

Can my lifestyle coach give me medical advice?

No.  Though your lifestyle coach will give you proven techniques to reduce your risk of illness, you are encouraged to seek medical advice from a physician. You are also encouraged to see a physician before attending your first session.

Can a family member attend a class with me?

Yes. Please check with your lifestyle coach first to assure that adequate seating is available.

Do you accept health insurance?

HEOW's DPP is a new program and does not yet accept Medicaid or Medicare.  As of 7/2022, most private insurers do not cover the DPP in NYC.  NOTE: As of 8/11/2022, HEOW's DPP is free of charge.  We will update this page as insurers are added and if any changes are made to our payment policy.  

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