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HEOW Partners with NYC Test & Trace Corps

HEOW is currently partnering with NYC Test and Trace Corps to distribute free at home COVID-19 tests to New Yorkers. The mass availability of rapid at-home testing is so critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19. It is a key instrument to the public health arsenal that is keeping NYC up and running. We have had two successful distribution events (Ghanaian Civic Association of Staten Island & Miracle Church of Christ in Brooklyn). We look forward to more distributions and reaching as many New Yorkers as our resources allow. 

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Message from the Executive Director

November, 2021

As we are dealing with COVID-19, we cannot forget the impact that diabetes and high blood sugar are having on patient outcomes. A recent study (read full article here) has shown that high sugar levels in the blood contribute to COVID deaths whether a person has diabetes or not.  Prediabetes has serious implications to our health and it must be addressed as early as possible.  With modest lifestyle changes, we can live longer healthier lives and have a better chance at surviving a COVID-19 infection. 

Our own director - Professor Steve Panford is recognized for providing the University of Ghana’s Balme Library with books.

October, 2021

The article from CitiNewsroom - Ghana's leading news website can be found here.